XTreme Tech

Front Entry

This innovative design dry suit uses a telescopic torso with a front entry zip and a second zip cover.

The Xtreme range is made from a new fabric fromJapan which has a very fine rip stock in it’s design. This design gives extra strength to this light weight fabric which is dark grey in its finish.

The material has a very tactile feel and it is extremely flexible where most other dry suit fabrics are quite stiff. This means with the lightness of the fabric and the flexibility the wearer has no restriction almost like not having a dry suit on..

Xtreme Tech is made both top and bottom with the new rip stock fabric, the tech also features the ankle gator system with fabric sock. When using the gator system it reduces air migration into the socks. The suit also comes with two tech pockets mounted with slate pockets behind, warm neck and computer retainer bands. We also use the new aqua dry zip from YKK. Silicone seal system or latex seals are a choice on this suit. With all these extras the suit still only weighs approximately 2.8 kilos depending on the suit size

The Xtreme Tech Suit is available in ten male sizes and seven female sizes, and a bespoke made to measure service is also available if required.

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Upper Body

  • cordura-black

Lower Body

  • cordura-black

Suit Features

Dive Computer Retainer

This strap retainer system enables you to thread your computer strap through tunnels that are fixed to the dry suit arm which will reduce the movement of your dive computer making it easier to read.

Within the tunnels fitted we fix an eyelet which can be used for retaining small torch or camera etc.

This system is only available with silicone ring system!

Ankle Gator System

The gator system has a zip that comes down from the back of the calf which, when closed, tapers the lower part of the leg: thus reducing air migration.

This system works in conjunction with an integrated fabric sock which is designed to be worn with an external over-boot.

Warm Neck

Warm neck is fitted when standard latex neck seal is fitted or optional silicone system.

The warm neck is fitted to protect the seal and add insulation by holding your hood in position.

The design of the warm neck consists of front and back panels using no Velcro making it extremely easy to use.

New Dry Zip

Both XTREME suits feature the new plastic zip from YKK, which is easier to close than a conventional metal zip and is maintenance free. The zip is also more flexible and much lighter than the metal zip.

We have been using this model of zip with some of our customers in the coastguard and fire and rescue for a few years now and have not seen any problems.


The flexibility of the suit is excellent, with the material being so light and flexible in conjunction with the telescopic torso movement in the suit is excellent, so when bending to put your fins on or putting your arm down your back to do shut downs there are no restrictions.

Tech Pocket

Two tech pockets are fitted to the left and right thighs.

The tech pocket is mounted on a plate which is then used as a slate pocket, the slate pocket has a 21 cm opening and there is also a retaining D-ring.

The tech pocket measures 22 cm wide by 27 cm long and as a depth of 9 cm and the flap is fastened via Velcro fastening and there is a further retaining D-ring inside the pocket.

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