Manufacturing dry suits for over 30 years


AZDRY have many years experience as one of the leading designers and manufacturers of drysuits in the world.

Our seam sealing systems, which we developed in 1984, gained recognition for it’s reliability. This is shown through our record against any seam leakage. Since it’s development tens of thousands of drysuits have been successfully made this way.

Our fabrics, seals and boots have been developed in collaboration with our suppliers, ensuring the highest standards and best performance.

Our suits are used by both sport and professional diving as well as the military, fire and rescue and many other agencies also.

We endeavour to set-the-standards by which others follow.

AZDRY was formed by the creators of the original Aquion brand (1984-1998) as a new venture to continue pushing the boundaries of drysuit design and manufacturing.

Using the highest grade materials and manufacturing techniques, all our manufacturing is done is in the UK. This is paramount to our company ethos that there are no limits for anyone’s individual needs or requirements.

With over 30 years experience of setting the highest standards in all our products, ensuring AZDRY drysuits are comfortable, flexible and totally reliable.