Techlite Exclusive

Front Entry

This new innovative design drysuit uses a telescopic torso with a front entry zip and a second zip cover.

Thanks to this innovate design, the adjustable dump valve can be fitted in the optimum venting position of your choice.

Another feature of this design is elimination of all seams around the neck seal area, helping to increase the reliability and life of the seal.

In the Techlite suit we use a heavy duty polyester fabric in the lower part of the suit for its excellent strength and durability or if preferred we have a high tenacity nylon fabric which can be used in the lower part of the suit.

The upper body is manufactured using a standard weight polyester for its increased flexibility and strength. The combination of using these two types of fabric gives the user a suit weighing approximately 3 kilos. (approx weight, will vary on suit size).

Two Tech pockets are fitted as standard along with our integrated material sock and ankle gator system. Available in ten different male sizes and seven different female sizes. Alternatively, you can use our ‘custom size’ service for bespoke suits.

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Upper Body

  • poly-black

Lower Body

  • poly-black

Suit Features

Silicone Neck System

The advantage of Silicone is it is not damaged by UV light, it is perfect for those people who have allergies with latex and neoprene.

The seal is much more comfortable due to the increased flexibility of the Silicone over latex and with the neck ring locking system you are able to change neck seal yourself with no need of adhesives, so when you have a spare seal you will never have that worry that you have with other seals.

Currently, the seals are available in the colours black and orange and sizes small and standard.

Dive Computer Retainer

This strap retainer system enables you to thread your computer strap through tunnels that are fixed to the dry suit arm which will reduce the movement of your dive computer making it easier to read.

Within the tunnels fitted we fix an eyelet which can be used for retaining small torch or camera etc.

This system is only available with silicone ring system!

Ankle Gator System

The gator system has a zip that comes down from the back of the calf which, when closed, tapers the lower part of the leg: thus reducing air migration.

This system works in conjunction with an integrated fabric sock which is designed to be worn with an external over-boot.

Techlite Exclusive

The exclusive range of suits are done in a contrasting stitch and logo in the top part of the suit.

This stitch is available in burgundy or pale blue and gives you the opportunity and personalise your suit by changing pocket options or other extras that do not come as standard.

Tech Pocket

Two tech pockets are fitted to the left and right thighs.

The tech pocket is mounted on a plate which is then used as a slate pocket, the slate pocket has a 21 cm opening and there is also a retaining D-ring.

The tech pocket measures 22 cm wide by 27 cm long and as a depth of 9 cm and the flap is fastened via Velcro fastening and there is a further retaining D-ring inside the pocket.


Apeks® and Si Tech® valves are available. Inlet valves are available in various hose fittings.

Apeks® cuff and auto-dump valves are both available. We recommend the old type adjustable dump valve for reliability and ease-of-use with a gloved hand. SiTech® adjustable dump valve is also available.

Front Dry Zip

The front zipper can be fitted bottom or top closing, we use a medium duty 8 pitch zip made by BDM.

Usually front mounted zips are protected via a Velcro zip flap alternatively we also have a secondary nylon zip cover.

Integrated Fabric Socks

Fabric sock is made up from heavy duty polyester and generally available in shoe sizes but can be tailor-made if required for any special reasons.

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