Front Entry

In the Cordura Tech suit, the cordura fabric is used in the lower part of the suit for it’s excellent durability and strength, while the polyester fabric is used in the upper body for it’s increased flexibility and strength.

Two combination pockets are fitted as standard along with our integrated material socks and ankle gator system available in both male and female sizes see telescopic size charts alternatively you can use our custom fit service for bespoke suits.

This new innovative design drysuit uses a telescopic torso with a front entry zip and a second zip cover.

Thanks to this innovate design, the adjustable dump valve can be fitted in the optimum venting position of your choice. Another feature of this design is elimination of all seams around the neck seal area, helping to increase the reliability and life of the seal.

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Colours on screen are a representation of suit colours, actual colours may vary.

Sleeve Colours

  • poly-black
  • poly-blue
  • poly-orange
  • poly-pink
  • poly-red
  • poly-yellow

Upper Body

  • cordura-black

Lower Body

  • poly-black

Suit Features

Ankle Gator System

The gator system has a zip that comes down from the back of the calf which, when closed, tapers the lower part of the leg: thus reducing air migration.

This system works in conjunction with an integrated fabric sock which is designed to be worn with an external over-boot.

Warm Neck

Warm neck is fitted when standard latex neck seal is fitted or optional silicone system.

The warm neck is fitted to protect the seal and add insulation by holding your hood in position.

The design of the warm neck consists of front and back panels using no Velcro making it extremely easy to use.

Cordura Tech Exclusive

The exclusive range of suits are done in a contrasting stitch and logo in the top part of the suit.

The stitch is available in burgundy or pale blue and gives you the opportunity to personalise your suit by changing pocket options or other extras that do not come as standard.

Combi Pocket

Two combi pockets come as standard with this suit, these pockets are mounted on the side of the thigh as standard, but can be fitted to the front of the thigh if preferred.

The combi pocket system has a slate pocket mounted behind with approx 20 cm opening and retaining D-ring.

The combi pocket itself has a zip opening of approx 20 cm and a zip opening bellow system giving a depth of up to 8 cm maximum width 20 cm and maximum length 26 cm with a retaining D-ring fitted inside the pocket.

Sizes may vary slightly depending on size of suit

Camera/Slate Pocket

The slate pocket has Velcro across the top and down the side to allow for easy access for removing slate, this part of the pocket measures 22 cm wide by 27 cm long.

The camera pocket section has been designed to fit most cameras in their housing, measuring 15 cm wide 17 cm long and a pocket depth of 8 cm.

This pocket is sewn on to the front part of the slate pocket, there is also a slate pen holder sewn down the side of the camera pocket.

This pocket is usually made from the same material as the suit is made from.

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