Azdry/Collins Rescue

Front Entry Telescopic Lightweight Nylon

This lightweight front entry suit is a popular choice for Fire and Rescue, Helicopter Rescue and other water rescue agencies.

The telescopic system allows freedom of movement plus the ability to fit a wide range of users.

The rear entry telescopic drysuit is a popular choice for those that do not have personal issue as the telescopic system will fit people that have a height variance of 15 cm.

The telescopic system allows much improved freedom of movement and with the rear zip allows easy access.

Because the suit is made as a top and bottom this allows you to change the fabric that is used in the suit for example, you could have high tenacity nylon in the lower part of the suit which is more prone to damage and a different materials in the upper part of the suit where the wearer has maximum freedom of movement.

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Colours on screen are a representation of suit colours, actual colours may vary.

Sleeve Colours

  • nylon-yellow

Upper Body

  • nylon-black

Suit Features

Front Dry Zip
with Velcro Flap

The front zipper can be fitted bottom or top closing, we use a medium duty 8 pitch zip made by BDM.

Usually front mounted zips are protected via a Velcro zip flap alternatively we also have a secondary nylon zip cover.

Integrated Latex Socks

Latex socks are available in up to four sizes, alternatively we also offer a fabric sock which is made to order in shoes sizes.

Integral Telescopic Torso System

The shoulder braces are attached to the middle of the rear of the suit, the internal brace utilises a three bar slide for length adjustment of the elastic for the tension required and the internal shoulder brace system is fully adjustable to personal preference and requirement.

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