Azdry/Collins Rescue

Nylon Front Entry

This is a standard front entry drysuit made from high tenacity nylon fabric for its strength and durability but yet still quite light in weight.

The high tenacity nylon is a popular choice by fire and rescue services for its ability for easy cleaning.

This front entry suit is available in both male and female sizes see standard size chart.

Alternatively you can use our custom fit service for bespoke suits. The suit is also available in our cordura fabric range.

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Upper Body

  • nylon-royal
  • nylon-orange
  • nylon-red
  • nylon-yellow

Lower Body

  • nylon-black

Suit Features

Front Dry Zip
with Velcro Flap

The front zipper can be fitted bottom or top closing, we use a medium duty 8 pitch zip made by BDM.

Usually front mounted zips are protected via a Velcro zip flap alternatively we also have a secondary nylon zip cover.

Integrated Latex Socks

Latex socks are available in up to four sizes, alternatively we also offer a fabric sock which is made to order in shoes sizes.

Badge Options

We have encapsulated reflective badges manufactured for us, these are usually 11 cm by 4 cm in size.

Sizes can vary depending on your requirements, the text is in whichever colour you require on a reflective background. These badges are sewn in position and then sealed on the inside of the suit.

Reflective Tapes

We have a 50 mm reflective tapes available which can be sewn on to the arms, legs, across the back or where preferred.

Heat reflective tape is also available in various widths as well as heat transfer reflective lettering such as fire, coastguard etc.

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