Azdry/Collins Cordura Industrial Telescopic

Telescopic Rear Entry (Industrial Spec)

This telescopic rear entry drysuit uses our telescopic torso using shoulder braces to hold up the lower part of the suit and an internal adjustable system for the top part of the suit or crotch strap.

The suit can be made from cordura, nylon or polyester or a combination of materials in the top and lower part of the suit.

The industrial spec suit comes with Bekina steel toe cap boots, HD knee pads and folded pocket.

The rear entry telescopic drysuit is a popular choice for those that do not have personal issue as the telescopic system will fit people that have a height variance of 15 cm.

The telescopic system allows much improved freedom of movement and with the rear zip allows easy access.

Because the suit is made as a top and bottom this allows you to change the fabric that is used in the suit for example, you could have high tenacity nylon in the lower part of the suit which is more prone to damage and a different materials in the upper part of the suit where the wearer has maximum freedom of movement.

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Upper Body

  • cordura-blue
  • cordura-red
  • cordura-silver
  • cordura-yellow

Lower Body

  • cordura-black

Suit Features

Rear Entry Zip

The rear entry zip is probably the easiest entry positioned zip to use.

In all our drysuits we use the medium duty zip.

Latex Wrist Seal System

Latex seals are fitted as standard, these seals are fitted onto the suit and are taped inside and outside. Heavy duty cuff seals are used which comes in four sizes plus sizing rings for the perfect fit.

Bellowed latex neck seal is used which are taped inside and out and come in four different sizes.

HD Kneepad

Our HD knee pads are made from hypalon type material which is scuff resistant and extremely strong.

These are sewn in with the seams of the leg therefore no adhesive is used, so legs flexibility is not restricted.

If required this knee pad may be made longer and wider to suit customers requirements at an extra cost.

Bekina Steel Toe-Cap Boots

These boots are manufactured from PU and have excellent resistance against oils, fats etc and the durability to last up to three times longer than regular boots.

Much lighter in weight than rubber and PVC boots and have insulation for use down to minus 20° Celsius and meets all specification requirements for this type of industrial boot.

Front Velcro Tabs

Three Velcro tabs are used on the front part of the suit to hold it in position as opposed to using a crotch strap that could be a potential snag hazard.

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